Ammonium Sulfate As a Lawn Fertilizer

Commonwealth Industrial Services provides reliable and competitively priced packaged Ammonium Sulfate to lawn and landscape contractors in the Richmond, Virginia area.  Our Ammonium Sulfate helps these contractors provide the greenest and most beautiful lawns and landscape in the local area..
Ammonium Sulfate : The Safest and Most Cost Efficient Fertilizer
Ammonium Sulfate is a salt containing easily absorbed forms of nitrogen […]

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Transloading: What You Need To Know

Transloading is the procedure of transferring shipments of goods using different modes to their final destination; i.e. from ship to railroad vehicles, from a railroad to a truck, from trucks to aircraft or vice versa. This is a very crucial function in logistics and moving of finished goods, components raw materials. All these functions are often carried out in warehouse distribution centers and other similar facilities.

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The Need for Truck Scales

All who drive have seen them, the signs on the highway that say "weigh station" . Why, you might ask, do trucks have to be weighed? Trucks have to be weighed in order for their taxes to be assessed according to how much weight per axle or by gross weight.

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Basic Principles of Inventory Management

Commonwealth Industrial Services (CIS) provides major services in Hopewell, Virginia, which include competitive services such as rail reloading for CSXT and Norfolk Southern Rail lines. CIS is a major distribution point for Honeywell, which includes mainly Caprolactam pallets.

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Importance of Good Warehousing Services

Warehousing is essential for every business that deals in supplying goods to the consumers. A warehouse is a huge spacious building that is used to store huge quantities of goods. This is a very important function of the supply chain management.

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Efficient Warehousing and Distribution Services Enhance Profitability!

Any company or commercial business that has call for storage of the volume of accrued inventory, production materials or other such items have a need for efficient warehousing and distribution services. Warehousing and distribution at the fine tuned level leads to enhanced profits

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Different Types of Truck Scales and Ways to Weigh a Truck

Most states prefer to collect taxes based on the weights of goods in transit as determined at weigh stations. Weigh stations also help the government to monitor weights of trucks to ensure safety on the road. How much weight you can legally carry on a truck varies from one state to another;

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Difficulty and Pit Falls of Buying Chemicals from China

One of the biggest pit falls when buying chemicals from China is contract purchasing, this is when you work out an agreement with a manufacturer and you discuss quality, price, and delivery in return for permanent business.

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The Concept of Good Business

There is much more to a good business than merely “giving good business” to its clients and customers. The entire concept surrounding the notion of good business transcends simple transactions and establishing the business as viable. Ethics, adherence to changing trends and customer needs, achieving a workable and self sustaining model and reaching out to […]

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How to Lower Turf Soil PH With Ammonium Sulfate

In order to maintain a lush, green and vibrant lawn and garden, it is critical the turf itself is managed to keep a pH balance between 6 and 7. This is a fairly narrow range and can be difficult to maintain unless proper chemicals and soil addictive are applied. One such additive is ammonium sulfate, a […]

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