Commonwealth Industrial Services provides reliable and competitively priced packaged Ammonium Sulfate to lawn and landscape contractors in the Richmond, Virginia area.  Our Ammonium Sulfate helps these contractors provide the greenest and most beautiful lawns and landscape in the local area..

Ammonium Sulfate : The Safest and Most Cost Efficient Fertilizer

Ammonium Sulfate As a Lawn FertilizerAmmonium Sulfate is a salt containing easily absorbed forms of nitrogen and sulfur.  Nitrogen is a vital nutrient for all plants and while it is the most abundant element on the planet, plants are largely deprived of it.  Nitrogen plays a large role in the production of chlorophyll, which is why nitrogen based fertilizers are often used on lawns to green them up and stimulate growth in sparsely covered areas.  Of the nitrogen based fertilizers Ammonium Sulfate is the safest and most cost efficient.  Its benefits however, do not end there; it also acts as an effective and convenient adjuvant and buffer when added to agricultural herbicides.

Ammonium sulfate is a byproduct of the nylon and steel production industries, this is what makes the price so stable and low compared to other fertilizers like Ammonium Nitrate, which uses natural gas during synthesis causing the price to be higher and more susceptible to fluctuations.

Major Benefits of Ammonium Sulfate

Ammonium Sulfate As a Lawn FertilizerOther major benefits of this Ammonium Sulfate are quick, lush lawn growth, and improvement in the overall biological activity of plants.  It acts as a buffer for hard water, improves pesticide activity, and is non-flammable. It is also easy to store and will result in lower soil pH. In addition to the fertilizing properties of this chemical it duly acts as a herbicidal adjuvant, increasing the activity of popular herbicides such as Roundup, Classic, Pursuit, etc. In this role it acts as a buffer to bind minerals that render herbicides less effective. The addition of ammonium sulfate to these applications decreases the amounts of herbicides needed for weed extermination. Other herbicidal adjuvants such as surfactants and oils are much more expensive and provide little to no nutrition for growth requiring additional fertilizer application.

Ammonium sulfate as a lawn and crop fertilizer is most commonly used in liquid form and sprayed with other herbicides. More recently landscapers and farmers alike have been spreading the crystalline form and then watering to more evenly stimulate root growth as well as foliage growth so that root systems are better able to take on excessive foliage growth. Applications to lawns and crops, as suggested by Texas A&M University researchers, are in the spring and then once every month and a half to two months thereafter. Because it acts as a quick release fertilizer it is very useful for plants in colder climates, like Virginia’s, as the reaction time for fertilizer activity is increased by cooler temperatures.

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Commonwealth Industrial Services, Inc. (CIS) is an industrial services company located in Hopewell, Virginia. Although historically a service business, CIS’ primary profit center is the packaging and resale of ammonium sulfate.
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