There are many reasons to buy ammonium sulfate fertilizer in bulk. Probably the most compelling reason to buy ammonium sulfate fertilizer in bulk is cost. The bigger quantity you can afford to buy the bigger price discount there will be, saving your organization money over the financial year.

Price variations

Bulk buying ammonium sulfate fertilizer means your company is not so susceptible to price variations. If you are in a position to store large quantities you can hedge against inflationary rises over a short period.  Bulk buying ammonium sulfate fertilizer means your operation is not halted or reduced because of a shortage of supply. Also buying in bulk will entitle you to a reasonable discount.

Transport costs

transportationBulk buying reduces transport cost for your company. It also eliminates the need to periodically place orders, delivery and availability. No only will this save your business money it is also an ecologically friendly thing to do.

Why Ammonium sulfate?

Ammonium sulfate fertilizer is an outstanding source of the readily-available sulfate sulfur and stable ammonium nitrogen which encourage crop growth. It is one of the first fertilizers ever use and is still one of the most popular fertilizers today. It is used to lower the PH of alkaline soils. It has been produced for over 150 years and it as initially made from ammonia released during the manufacturing of coal gas, used for illumination of cities, or from coal coke used in the manufacture of steel.

ammonium sulfateDifferent to elemental sulfur, the sulfate sulfur is excellent for crop roots, giving them essential nutrients they need. The ammonium nitrogen is immediately available for root uptake, and there is less nitrogen loss from leaching.

Ammonium sulfate fertilizer gives two vital nutrients your crops require: ammonium sulfate and sulfate sulfur. It also provides the cost efficiency you expect. The fertilizer has over 900 pounds of food per ton, another good reason to buy in bulk to keep costs down even further. It should be applied in winter because it promotes lush growth which could be prone to frost damage. Use during late spring when crops are less susceptible to damage.

Ammonium sulfate has lots other agronomic advantages over other kind of fertilizers, and provides less nitrogen loss from leaching, volatilization and denitrification. It also has higher nutrient efficiency and contains sulfur that is instantly available to plants.


Ammonium sulfate can also be blended with other chemicals another reason for bulk purchase. It can be stored for long periods but should be kept away from moisture in a cool dry place in its original packaging.



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