Importance of Good Warehousing Services

Warehousing is essential for every business that deals in supplying goods to the consumers. A warehouse is a huge spacious building that is used to store huge quantities of goods. This is a very important function of the supply chain management.

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Efficient Warehousing and Distribution Services Enhance Profitability!

Any company or commercial business that has call for storage of the volume of accrued inventory, production materials or other such items have a need for efficient warehousing and distribution services. Warehousing and distribution at the fine tuned level leads to enhanced profits

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The Benefits of an Inventory Management System

Ever wonder how retail giants like Wal-Mart can keep track of so much merchandise, not to mention keep their promise of maintaining low prices? The biggest secret behind this and other major retailers’ success stories is that they use an inventory management system. This way, the managers know which items are selling and which ones aren’t, so they can spread the word to their warehouses and prevent them from supplying either too much or too little. When your store boasts a tremendous selection of goods, maintaining inventory must be done as efficiently as possible.

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Warehouse and Distribution Management for Your Business

Commonwealth Industrial Services (CIS) offers dedicated warehouse and distribution management services for commercial clients. Located in Virginia, Hopewell, it currently serves the area located close to the CSXT and Norfolk Southern rail lines. Storing and managing more than 9.000 containers in the past four years, the management continuously focuses on improving the speed and quality of services to suit industrial customers' needs.

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Lean Supply Chain Logistics- Warehousing And Distribution

Companies who want to survive in the ever competitive business landscape really need to focus on the long term horizon. Cutting back on investments for innovation and research and development in order to prop up short term profits no longer can be the status-quo. The lack of innovation in creating new products and services and improving existing ones will surely commoditize your product line and will cause you and your competitors to compete by racing to the bottom line on price alone. Seth Godin, author and entrepreneur said it best, "we sell what they sell, but cheaper. A commodity business always lives on the knife edge of cheaper."

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How the Cloud Can Revolutionize Your Supply Chain & Inventory Management

As any manufacturing manager knows, supply chain management can be challenging at times. The amount of tracking involved in the movement of inventory and stock can cause headaches and if the stock levels are not accurate, then forecasting can be just as tough. Many manufacturing managers are struggling to cope with the vast amounts of information […]

10 Strategies To Optimize Warehouse Operations

Warehouse Operations
The economic times has impacted on every aspect of business, including warehousing and distribution. Warehouses are looking to reduce operating expenses but still need to maximize the resources. Other warehouse management challenges which affect the operation will include:

Maintaining vendor relationships
Improving inventory controls
Controlling operational costs
Satisfying increasingly demanding customers

When looking to optimize your warehousing and distribution […]

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