Difference Between Ammonia Nitrate & Ammonium Sulfate

Differences Are Big
You might be asking yourself how ammonia nitrate is different from ammonium sulfate.  The differences are one to consider when you are looking at additional safety concerns and the availability of the product.

Ammonia nitrate is a very cheap and popular choice for a fertilizer.  The ability of ammonia nitrate to be readily dissolved […]

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May Ammonium Sulfate Be Used In Pop-up Fertilization?

What Is Pop-Up Fertilization?
“Pop-Up” fertilization is the process of putting the fertilizer in at the time of planting the seed. The alternative is starter fertilization, in which the fertilization is done near but not with the seed.
Ammonium sulfate [(NH4)2 SO4] has been a fertilizer of choice for over 150 hundred years. In one configuration or other, […]

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10 Great Reasons to Use Sulf-N Ammonium Sulfate

The key to getting ahead in farming is to make sure that fields are properly cared for. With the right amount of precipitation, care, and fertilizer there’s no reason each every field can’t produce a high yield crop. There are ten solid reasons why Sulf-N ammonium sulfate should be the first choice of fertilizer.
High Yield, […]

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