What is Transloading?

Rail cartWhat does Transloading mean? It is the art of combining different rail transport modes to provide greater support and create satisfied clients. By mixing the benefits of shipping by local or short haul and rail, can provide a more flexible solution for clients.

Transloads can work for many commodities such as: unfinished and finished goods, a variety of packaged bulk commodities, fresh food and beverage products, building materials, lumber, paper, metals. This also included shipments that cannot travel the whole route by railroad.

Cost savings

Transloads can save costs. Transloads lets customer to reduce the costs of using rail freight. In addition it improves vastly flexibility and reliability within the supply chain.

Transloads is a particularly useful option when a client does not have suitable railroad tracks into or close to their facility. Also the use of Transloads is useful to supplement existing rail capacity without increasing costs.

How does it work?

Some organizations need to move produce by rail and either the shipper or the consignee does not have suitable rail access. Transloads is often the best answer in these circumstances. Transloading can works either way. Whether or not it is wagon to truck or truck to wagon, the Transloading process is simple, efficient and cost effective.


The loaded wagon is shipped from the client and heads for the transload site. Wagon types often include: flatcars carrying unitized products, boxcars and gondolas. Also in some instances tanks and hoppers are used to carry bulk products. Every wagon type is purpose made for the product being hauled.


The freight wagon arrives the transload’s host railroad. After receipt by the host railroad, the freight wagon is placed at the transload.

Unloading Goods

The content of the wagon is then unloaded safely, quickly and efficiently. Bulk products are off loaded in several several ways according to the commodity. This can be by the use of gravity outlets, pneumatic or manual means.

Unloading wagonscrane

Forklifts or cranes are used during the transload process for flatcars and gondolas.


At times the client will want the produce stored on site at their convenience. This option is often used with non-perishable goods and an agreement will need to be made for short or long term storage facilities.


Usually the product is transloaded to short-haul trucks for the last leg of the journey and the cycle is finished. The transload process works just as well when goods are taken by road to the transload site and loaded into rail wagons.


It is hoped the above explanation will give clients a clear idea of how transloading works in practice and how adopting this method of haulage may save your organization money, expense and time.


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