Transloading is the procedure of transferring shipments of goods using different modes to their final destination; i.e. from ship to railroad vehicles, from a railroad to a truck, from trucks to aircraft or vice versa. This is a very crucial function in logistics and moving of finished goods, components raw materials. All these functions are often carried out in warehouse distribution centers and other similar facilities. These kinds of cargo transfers need additional handling when they are reloaded and unloaded to lower risks of any potential damage. To improve efficiency and speed of transfers, it is good to use a specialized company

Commonwealth industrial services (CIS) offer transloading solutions to customers spanning the United States. The following are competitive services CIS offers in transloading:

Warehouse Storage

Transloading: What You Need To KnowCIS operates several warehouses for customer storage and distribution. The client distribution warehouses are cinder block construction with concrete pads and include sprinklered, unsprinkleded and rail facilities.

CIS has several warehouses with high volume storage for customer’s distribution and storage services. Customer distribution houses will solve your troubles since the cinder block constructions have sprinklered and unsprinklered concrete pads and rail facilities to ensure your goods are safe. The company has offered served a number of customers such as Alcoa, Inolex, Richmond International Forest, Smurfit-Stone (RockTenn) among others. goods stored mainly include fertilizers, harmless dry chemicals, aluminum, and lumber. In addition, it’s the primary distributor of point of Caprolactam pallets from Honeywell.

For the past four years, CIS has transloaded more than 9000 containers full of export materials. The company handles inventory management services using the Client SAP databases.

Rail Reloads and Transloading in Hopewell, Virginia.

CIS is a transfer and reloads facility for both CSXT and Norfolk Southern (NS) railroads. Presently the company is reloading incoming ProBuild lumber, LCOA aluminum and aggregates that are all delivered to clients in Richmond area.

Transloading: What You Need To KnowThe company also ships outgoing 9000 bundles used in construction mats (10’ x 15’). These are large pallets used to put up a temporary roadway in their unimproved rights of way. CIS has the capacity to deliver goods either by rail or trucks. For instance in 2008 the company was able to receive, store and distribute aluminum weighing 6 million lbs to a local customer during the ALCOA shutdown.

CIS also has bulk reload facility that helps in the transfer of dry products from railcars and trucks to bulk trucks and super sacks. Between 2004 and 2008 the company has received tons of potassium sulfate belonging to PICC/K&S by rail. The company bagged and shipped the goods later. Up to 2008 the Commonwealth received through CSX and NS 600 railcars of lumber. the company stored and sent them later according to the truck to clients for lumber brokers Richmond International Forest, Weyerhaeuser, Bluelinx, and Brunswich Valley among others.

Weighs and Truck Scales

CIS offers weighing services has offered this service to businesses around Hopewell for more 25 years. Their scales are open 24/7 throughout the year to provide support for the local plants operations. The scales measure 70 feet long by 12 feet wide and has the potential to handle up to 200,000 lbs. The good part is that scales load cells are self-testing meaning net weights are calculated automatically. The scales are tested independent and verified after every 120 days for accuracy.

You can rely on CIS weighs on commercial transactions because Commonwealth Industrial Services Weighmaster is certified in this industry. Total truck weigh per year surpass 33,000. CIS scale clients include Ashland Chemical Ashland Rock-Tenn Paper Company, Evonik Chemicals, Honeywell, Reuse, Crop Production Services Paper Chemical, Reuse among others.

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Commonwealth Industrial Services, Inc. (CIS) is an industrial services company located in Hopewell, Virginia. Although historically a service business, CIS’ primary profit center is the packaging and resale of ammonium sulfate.
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