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Ammonium Sulfate


Ammonium Sulfate is non hazardous, non flammable fertilizer that is produced primarily as a byproduct of Caprolactam production. Caprolactam is the base stock used to produce nylon.

CIS packages and resells 20,000 tons of AdvanSix (Honeywell) ammonium sulfate (AMS) annually to the industrial and agricultural markets. Its primary industrial uses include pH control of solutions and cultures, as a fire retardant in cellulose and fiberglass insulation production, for rinsing during leather tanning, and as a binding material in wallboard. Primary agricultural uses are as a fertilizer and as an herbicide adjuvant (increases the effectiveness of weed controls).

Some of the better known AS customers have included GreenFiber, Benolec LTEE, Guardian Fiberglass, Bristol-Myers, Ashland Chemicals, Tannin Corp., and UNIVAR.

Since 1998 Commonwealth has packaged, sold, and shipped over 250,000 tons of AdvanSix (Honeywell) ammonium sulfate…without missing a shipment.

Ammonium Sulfate Distribution

Ammonium Sulfate Spec Sheet

  • Produced by AdvanSix (Honeywell) Plant
  • A fertilizer that looks similar to sand
  • Bagged in 50 lb. to 3000 lb. bags or super sacks

Conditions Of Sale

  • 15,000-20,000 tons sold by CIS per year
  • Used to make cellulose insulation
  • Used by Tanners in cleaning of leather pelts
  • Used in chemical industry to control pH
  • Used in agriculture with RoundUp, and to add sulfur to the soil
  • Commonwealth bags an adjuvant ‘spray grade’ AS which is easily dissolved and significantly increases the effectiveness of herbicides applied to farmland.

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