Spray Grade Ammonum Sulfate

Our team has implemented new processes and installed new equipment into production for spray grade material in order to reduce costs and improve product quality. CIS understands that our customers and farmers need the best value for the buck in these difficult times.

Prices currently range from 15 to 17.5 cents per pound, depending on where you’re located.

CIS offers product produced in the USA at AdvanSix (Honeywell) and from China as well. Our spray grade will have an SGN of 70-90.

Commonwealth Industrial Services maintains inventory out our warehouses so you don’t have to fill up your warehouses with product that’s ready for quick pickup. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and adding value for each and every transaction.

Some of our current customers include the following:

  • Aurora Cooperative
  • Garrco Products
  • Ottawa Plant Food
  • West Central Distribution
  • InterChem
  • Southern States

“Dedicated to our customer’s needs”