Norfolk Southern (NS) and CSXT

Rail Reloads

Lumber and Aluminum Rail Reloads and Transloading in Hopewell, Virginia

CIS is listed as a reload and transfer facility for both Norfolk Southern (NS) and CSXT railroads. Commonwealth transloads aluminum, lumber, railroad ties, construction mats, aggregates and other dry materials. Offering truck delivery to Customers in the Richmond area, CIS unloaded/loaded over 800 railcars in 2016.

Commonwealth provides transloading services for paper rolls, lumber and wood products, metals, aggregates, etc. Customers include Alcoa, ProBuild, Koppers, Ashland Chemical, and a various lumber brokers.

CIS is also shipping outgoing 9000 lb. bundles of construction mats (10’ x 15’) (which are large pallets used by utilities to lay down temporary roadways along their unimproved rights of way).

In 2008 Commonwealth received, stored, and delivered 6 million lbs of aluminum to a local customer for ALCOA during a plant shutdown. ALCOA now plans to ship aluminum by rail to CIS which will reload the metal onto its trucks and deliver it to the same customer.

In December 2000, CIS opened a bulk reload facility for the transfer of dry products from trucks and railcars to super sacks or bulk trucks. From 2004 through 2008 Commonwealth received by rail, bagged and shipped 8,381 tons of Potassium Sulfate for PICC/K&S;

Up through 2008 CIS annually received via NS and CSX up to 600 railcars of lumber which were stored and shipped as needed by truck to customers for lumber brokers (Brunswich Valley, Richmond International Forest, Potomac Supply, Weyerhaeuser, Bluelinx, etc.).

Rail Reloads

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  • Load & Unload Railcars, transship materials
  • Lumber, aluminum (ALCOA), ammonium sulfate, aggregates, construction mats, etc.
  • Spur served by Norfolk Southern and CSXT Railroads
  • Until 2008 CIS reloaded 600 lumber railcars per year